The conference is envisaged to be beneficial for the Pakistani society in the following ways:

  • It will bring together academicians and industrialists on same page.
  • It provides a unique opportunity of collaboration in the field of Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering for the indigenous development and economic growth of country.
  • It will connect students and researchers with industry experts to benefit in problem solving and applied research.
  • It will provide technical assistance and will forge the growth with the international collaboration.
  • It will strengthen the professional build-out to entail new career prospects.
  • It will enhance the skills in researchers with diversified opinions and promising research approaches.
  • It will provide the inspirational and motivational support by synergizing to address the challenging problems.
  • It will play a vital role in mentoring the beginners in their research domain to enhance the productivity.
  • It will give entrepreneurial guidance and instilling the technical foresightedness to benefit the quality research.
  • It will provide personal branding with opportunity to boost researcher profiles in their respective field.
  • It aims to improve the presentation and communication skills.
  • It will construct a feedback loop for research discipline by connecting academia with industry specialists.
  • It will provide the networking opportunity with peers.
  • It will provide the common platform to assemble the like-minded to mutually propose, collaborate, and commemorate.